Moment in time

Walking in a trance
As music plays in the radio
As life goes on around us
We face the reality of closing a chapter
Replaying memories
And each step brings us closer to reality
Put smile on our faces
To cover the pain
Not wanting to reflect those crazy thoughts in our head
Keep busy with nonsense
So we can’t feel
How can I be strong for you when I am breaking down inside?
How can I tell you it’s going to be ok, when we both know it will never be alright?
I hold your hand and you hold mine, tears streaming down your face and in silence we sit as we let memories play in our minds
Because there is nothing I can say to make it go away and there is nothing you can do to make it all ok…
So we sit and listen to those around us trying to make you smile
Watch as your legacies walk by and know they need you now
You squeeze my and I look at you and smile
Slowly let go so I can watch them for a while!

I promise!

I promise to be different!

I promise to be me!

I promise not to let anyone direct my movie!

I promise to love unconditionally and insanely!

I promise to be true to those that always have my best interest at heart to those that love me unconditionally to those that I cherish!

I promise to care for myself because my body is my temple and nobody can take care of me the way I take care of me!

I promise to always be honest especially with myself!

I promise to not let hurt and pain change me!

I promise to seek knowledge every chance I get!

I promise to live, to treasure every moment as if they were my last as if tomorrow never existed!

I promise to fulfill those desires that continuously motivate me!

I promise to show my feelings, not emotions, to let people know I care even when they could care less!

I promise to stand firm against adversity!

I promise to remain loyal to my beliefs and my standards!

I promise to create a story that those to come would be proud of!

But must importantly if I break any of these promises, I promise to keep trying time and time again!

Midnight Rambling-7/8/14

Writing has always been an outlet
But I don’t know what to write
I don’t know what to think
I am typing away to see
If I can possibly make sense of my emotions
There is no sense there is no reason
All I keep doing is replaying memories
All I have left are memories
Things change so fast, we are never really ready for it
I keep telling myself you can’t get comfortable
When things seem so peaceful so calm, the shoe always drops!
No I am not being negative, I am stating a fact!
As beautiful as life can be, it’s not fair!!! It’s a constant contradiction!
You have to always be ready for whatever and sometimes whatever can tear you apart!
I am tired of loosing people I love!
And yes that’s the way it works but it’s tiring!
It’s painful to see someone you love loose their heart and know that nothing you do will make them feel better. And because you love them you feel their pain their anguish and know that there is absolutely nothing you can say or do to change how they are feeling.

Driving down this long lonely road
Remembering the so familiar
But now so different
Memories that replay
In imaginary screens only seen by me
Where words don’t exist
Nor time matters
Bits and pieces captured in moments

This never ending pavement
Filled with love and now sorrow

It Takes A Village

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a lot of tragedies involving children. It’s sad and it’s scary!
What is going on?
We all have a part in shaping the youth. Leading by example. Teaching right from wrong. Cultivating morals and values. Society as a whole as parents, educators, care givers, protectors, advocates.
It’s scary to think what kind of future we are creating by ignoring the patterns of violence and ignorance that seem to flood us.
We have to all take responsibility in the outcome of it all by not speaking out against injustice, by not standing up for children that have no one to advocate for them, by not taking the time in teaching life long lessons to our youth.
Problem solving skills should be encouraged as opposed to stabbing and shooting. Adults should listen more to what children are saying, be involved in their activities.
As adult I know appreciate my mothers strict ways of always being “nosey” as I would call her. She knew my every move even when I thought I was being slick and getting away with things. She had me on a tight leash and I can now appreciate it and be grateful because God knows where my sisters and I would have been and what we would have done.
Children are to be molded and taught not by an iron fist or by holding them loosely but by example, tender loving care, time and involvement.

My Rules!

Respect yourself and others

Be a person of your word

Be honest and true
Lying doesn’t do anything but hurt you in the long run

A kind word can go a long way

Caring about someone is demonstrated with gestures not with monetary gifts

Loyalty is core
Loyalty to your beliefs loyalty to your values loyalty to the ones you love

Be true to yourself and not following any trends

Appreciate, love and learn from those wise that sit in the shadows of time

Bathe in those peaceful moments when you are one with nature

Love yourself with flaws and all
Love others like you have never been hurt by love before
Love because sometimes they need it more than you do

Embrace being you, being different!

All in a memory

The intoxicating feeling of memories that are imprinted in my brain

trying everything to distract it

playing games of chase with the clock hands

But it’s omnipresent in my thoughts
In my system In my moves

Tantalizing nerve explosions stamped with every unwinding of days

Luscious exhales that travel along the pages of calendars

Music notes that form crescendo movements

Flashbacks that carry you thru the rise and set of the sun

Caught in instances of sharp breathes followed by sultry releases

Captured in the melodies of a moment in time