None belong to me! 

I have read a thousand books 

Sang about a million lyrics 

But none of those words belong to me 

I have felt every stanza 

Cried every lyric 

But none of those words belong to me 

For the words that belong to me 

Go unnoticed, sometimes unsaid 

Letters in a dairy 

Essays on a text 

Thoughts on a blog 

But those words I hear over the radio 

Those words I touch on paper 

They touch so much of the words I never say 

They speak for my words without a voice 

Symphony of letters that surround me 

That give way to those thoughts of we 

The we, the he, the she

Gives life to sound and sound to letters 

I have recited numerous poems 

Hummed a million melodies 

But none belong to me! 


What do you hear when you hear the word enough? 

Some may say it may be what puts an end to something

Some may use it in quantitative  form 

To me enough should be the title of the novela that my life has been 

Growing up I questioned being enough for my parents 

In school the question of being smart enough and good enough and cool enough and weird enough always came up 

At work is if the work is enough, if you do enough, if you work hard enough, do I know enough 

It’s always a question of enough

Enough what? 

I am not a people pleaser so it was never about pleasing the masses and being enough for the world 

But it has always been a matter in those things that I do want to excel in or in those people that I truly care about 

To live up to the goals and challenges 

But it’s always a question of enough? 

Because whether it’s society or the workplace whether it’s a friend or a lover there is always an expectation set

A question of enough? 

Are you doing enough? 

Are working enough? 

Are eating enough? 

Are sleeping enough? 

Are you enough? 

Enough of the mediocre shit that sits in your mind set by everyone else including yourself 

Where your every step is scrutinized and criticized 

Enough my ass! 

I am here! 

When the beat of the drums fade away 
When the wind stops howling 
When the sun sets 
I am here! 
Waiting for the calm 
Waiting for the ever after of hard work 
Waiting for the serenity of it all
I am here! 
Everyday working on tomorrow 
Everyday erasing the mistakes 
Everyday pushing past the pain 
I am here! 
When no one else is 
I am here 
When the darkness fills the space 
I am here! 
When the light shines so bright 
I am here! 
Creating paths 
Dreaming dreams 
Singing songs 
I am here! 
Rewriting stories 
Creating history 
Living today 
I am here! 
While the oceans breathe
While the trees conceal 
While the clouds play 
I am here! 

These are the people!!! 

I love people that persevere through the roughest.

People that grow when everything says no! 

People with tenacity and determination that will never allow anything to stop them from achieving their dreams rather their reality! 

People that take a break to cry and scream and then use that as motivation to move forward! 

People with courage to speak their mind and tread new paths! 

People that revolutionize ideas and methods! 

People that are called crazy when they begin and legends when they end! 

Trailblazers in their life passage! 

These are the people I love and respect! 


Clock keeps ticking
The days keep rolling
And suddenly for one instant
Rewind is in full effect
The tears are rolling
The heart is aching
The soul is hurting
With shadows of yesterday
Everyone is moving forward
But your stuck in this in between
And not because you wish to be there
More like you ran from it for so long
Like a nightmare it haunts you
It haunts your happy moments
Haunts your laughter
And suddenly your back
And no one notices
That for a second you panicked
For a second your memories were reality
And you push forward to what may be
To all those things you thought could never be

Late Night Ramblings-Children

Children are not pawns to used against another parent or to get a check!
Children are meant to be loved and cared for, they are our future. Yeah it sounds cliche and all but it’s the truth.
He or she is your impact in the world whether it’s good or bad, you had a hand in that. Children don’t choose to come into the world you choose that. And when that choice is made, you become responsible for caring, for teaching, for loving, for molding them.
To be clear when I say choice I am not speaking of the choice of having abortions or not because that’s a mother conversation of it’s own.
As responsible adults, one must know that having sex, sexual relations, intercourse, making love…however you choose to call it…may result in having a child. This is something you know and if don’t know this than maybe just maybe you shouldn’t be participating in this act. This is why so many forms of birth control are available!!!!
Anyways I regress!
Children are not a ticket meal as so many seem to see them. It takes time and effort to mold these little human beings into successful, smart, caring individuals. Too many children are in the system for lack of common sense of so called parents. Children craving attention craving some love. It’s sad ITS PITIFUL. Meanwhile you have people that would give anything to have a child and can’t!
It breaks my heart and hurts my soul to see so many children mistreated, abused and simply put not loved.
It’s not their fault!