Tomorrow Never Comes

We live the moments as if they will last forever
As if tomorrow will never come
As if things never change
We grow up believing in notions of tomorrow
But tomorrow never comes
We are left with moments of regrets
Words left unsaid

Suddenly a faint smell sends us back to days of yesterday
Where the memories live

Melodies that transport us to a moment long time gone

With vacant looks and tear streaked faces
With sweet smiles and hearty laughters

Triggers that replay it all from beginning to end
A dog eared novel that we are seeking over and over again

But yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow Never Comes

  1. Christina Cruz says:

    I really liked this one. Tomorrow never comes sounds like a metaphor for our hopes, wishes, and dreams. They seem to never happen unless we do what needs to be done today. A procrastinator’s favorite thing-wait for tomorrow. But why hope for tomorrow, when you can live for today? This was great.

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