Random Thoughts-Regret!

Regret is the worst feeling in the world. The idea of what if. Walking away too soon or Staying too long. Scared to do this and that. Doing something that you should have never done.
A ‘I love you’ never said. A ‘I hate you’ out of anger. A phone call never made. A dream never followed.
Regret is fed by this ridiculous notion called ego and pride that doesn’t allow us to see past those emotions. Fed by anger!

Life is so fickle! Things can change in a matter of a second.

Sometimes I sit and wonder about all those things I should regret according to some but I don’t I can’t! I am not built that way! I believe that things are said at the moment that you want to say them, I believe you do the things you do because you wanted to and because at that moment in time it was the thing you wanted to do. Even in mistakes lessons can be found. In every tear a path of sunshine. In every heartache a smile.

So say what you feel, do what you want because you truly never know if that door will open again!


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts-Regret!

  1. Christina Cruz says:

    Regret occurs when you have fear, because you’re scared of what might happen. If people whould embrace their fears and they’ll have less regret.

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