Midnight Ramblings!

The concept of being a stick figure baffles me!
This obsession with being “skinny” or being “skinny enough”
Like really?!
You are going to judge me on the size of my jeans the size of my bra the size of the garbage I put over my head …
Come on!
We live in such superficial society obsessed by the ideals of what is attractive to the eye,
Nothing with substance!
Ooooo look that car looks pretty but do you know what makes it work? The power it has? The gas mileage?
Ooooo he/she is soooo hot? Hmmmm can you hold a conversation ranging from books to news to sports to movies to religion to politics?
We are so consumed by celebrities and labels and the flashy things that we forget or rather ignore all those important little things that matter most.
We forget to give thanks for the little insignificant blessings that we continuously take for granted.
We take for granted those freedoms granted to us by forefathers that bled and fought for them.
We ignore the lost children that will tomorrow inherit all those things we so easily throw away.
We love objects that hold no weight but hate those things that can make all the difference in our lives.
We fight for status and labels and suppress ideals and morals.
We claim to be so unique but everyone looks the same, sound the same, cookie cutter society shaped by ideas of fools.
So I being the rebel that I am I embrace my thicker than average behind, fight for those morals embedded in me by those that came before me and convert them into that power that surges me forward to a tomorrow where the lost children of today can find solace and guidance.

One thought on “Midnight Ramblings!

  1. Christina Cruz says:

    This immediately had me thinking of the lyrics from Beyonce’s song Flawless when Chimamanda says ” We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller”. She goes on to say other things that are pretty inspiring as well. There is nothing wrong with being thin or being thick (as long as you are healthy), the main thing is that there are bigger things to focus on, more important things. People are too superficial nowadays, they spend too much on the insignificant and unimportant instead of paying attention to meaningful things. Beauty will only last so long. Attraction is important, but if you have nothing else to offer but a pretty face you can only go so far. I like the ramblings, keep them coming.

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