Nothing like having someone else tell you their struggles and their blessings to put your life into perspective
Nothing like being able to help others in their journey
Grateful for being able to assist them in theirs while progressing in mine
Appreciative of those that are a part of mine in as small increments

Today I reflect on you, me on us…
I commend those that thru your struggles, thru the dark clouds remianed constants
I applaud the resilience of their persona
Because today when you look back, you can smile and say you were not alone
That one person made a difference
that one person that maybe you mistreated and abused
that one person that fought for you
that one person that held your hand even when you pushed it away

Today I give back for all those that stood by me
in my darkest moments as well as my grandest moments
I reflect on those that say all the right things but do all the wrongs ones
Reflect on those that have never said a word but continously stand by my side even when I push them away

I am here because my struggles are yours and yours are mine!

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