Random thoughts-Me!

There is a constant battle within
A rebellious nature about me,
that doesn’t conform to the norm,
that feeds off bending rules and making them my own
Yet there is this streak of “straightarrowedness”
(yeah I made my own word lol)
Where I feel joy in following things thru the way you are “suppose to”
Hmmmm definite contradiction
For many years I have tried to break free of this persona of mine
Only to discover that the more I tried to simulate to others characteristics or what I believed they wanted me to be,
My persona only grew stronger, it found the strength that wasn’t there before.
I can look back now and see how many I had fooled to believe that I was so strong and nonchalant about just about anything!
When I wanted to follow rules I couldn’t and when I wanted to break them I would just go right along with them.
I was confused and distorted
I can look back now and see that every bruise and tear was a cobweb cleared!
Now all that remains is that constant battle but yet no fear!
I am miss passionate contradiction and it makes me …me!
A mix of strength and weakness shaped with soft curves and hard stares!
I have embraced me and mending them quite well!
A constant blend,
Where the sea meets the sand
Where the sea meets the horizon …
A constant flow!

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