The sun rises and it sets

The sun rises and it sets

Full of change
Full of truths and lessons

Love lost and found
On empty promises
Full of hopes and desires

Changing lanes on a road unknown
Without no destination pinned

Days, hours, minutes
Tumbling of pages written in foreign languages

The resurrection of demons
Filled with pain and anger

As the clouds slowly shift
As the moon rises and tides run high

I contemplate
Every sensation every feel every thump
Of the last 365 days
And I see the different versions of me
The upgrades the discontinuation

The sun rises and sets

Smiles filled with sad eyes
Laughters intoxicating empty spaces

Words on a daily newspaper
Ever changing constant moving
Spiraling towards tomorrow

Starving for memories
Reaching for impossibles
Embracing the soul of every beating of the heart
To stand tall and full evolutions
A granite statue that stands tall and grand

The sun rises and sets

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