Midnight Ramblings-Fears

What are your fears? What are your weaknesses?
People constantly ask these questions and we answer them at times in a monotone way but have you really taken the time to analyze what those questions are?
They are in depth questions that only you truly know the answer to.
I know my fears and weakness well and try to hide them or justify them with mediocre excuses.
Fears have a way of growing roots and intertwining with insecurities and experiences, drowning us in their weight!
I wish I could turn back time and be the selfless child that took the world on without a doubt in every step!
I wanted it I got it! There was never any if ands or buts!
But as time goes on you question yourself you question your motives and your drives based on others perceptions based on others weaknesses placed on you.
I don’t need anyone to tell me faults because I know them all too well and I strive everyday to be a better me than I was yesterday
But those dark little corners that make you question your every choice your very existence, make you wavier the very essence of you.
My biggest weakness in an ideal world would not be a weakness!
But my weakness leaves me constantly vulnerable to the lashings of the world to the disappointments, the deceptions, the longing!
Which in all creates more fears!
But I can’t live a life full of fears,
So I live in a catch 22 because my weakness is my strength that feeds off of my fears!


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