I grew up with the belief that celebrating birthdays was wrong …hmmmm I don’t like the word but don’t know which word is politically correct…but which one can I use wrong, erroneous, bad, evil …I am sticking to bad it’s the most passive of the others.
But even though we were not supposed to celebrate birthdays, my mom always cooked our favorite foods on our birthdays and woke us up with birthday punches and for many years I got to go to the circus on my birthday because I was so obsessed with them and of course the circus was always in town for my birthday!
I didn’t need a cake or a party because I had a little bit of all my favorites with me and that made me happy!
I think that’s one of the reasons why birthdays are so special to me because it’s not about the gifts or the cake or the parties it’s about being with your favorite people doing your favorite things celebrating another year of you being you surviving all that life throws your way.
And I guess as time has gone by I have become a bit jaded because maybe I haven’t done the things I wanted in my 365 days before the next mark or maybe I haven’t spent it with the one person I really wanted to or maybe it became to elaborate to just be like it was before …a home cooked meal by my mother but not just any meal but my favorite meal with my sisters and my parents and for just that one day all the differences would be put aside and to the circus we would go and laugh and smile for a bit!
Here is to the last few days of this year…a rough year a year of change and growth a year of tears and laughter A year filled with soooooo much love and soooo much disappointment…a toast to the end of it all and new beginnings with Miss passionate Contradiction behind the wheel!


One thought on “Birthday!

  1. Christina Cruz says:

    Birthdays signify so much, I think that’s why you get excited and sometimes sad when they come around. It’s almost bittersweet. Birthdays involve birth, a new beginning. Let’s hope the next birthday brings you all you ask for, or even a new start, if that’s what you really need.

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