Dear younger me!

Oh dear younger me

Love yourself from beginning to end thru the roughest of times and thru the best of times
Because the best of times are rare and few and when you least expect them
Smile thru each and every hurdle

Love openly and freely! Love because everyone deserves it just as much as you do! Love because it’s makes the ride worth while even when it breaks your heart!

Don’t loose your fearlessness no matter what life throws your way because it’s the one thing that allows you to succeed to overcome to stand strong against the world

Pray each and everyday!
Don’t stop praying no matter how hopeless things may seem
Because when you least expect it HE will show you they way and must NOT be afraid to follow it

Stop using your mouth to throw daggers at the world for the pain you feel!
Speak your pain! Sing your pain!

Don’t fight your pain! Use it!
Use it to tread you forward! Let it motivate you to be a better you and those that you come in contact with!

You are amazing and beautiful, scars and all!

Don’t hibernate due to your insecurities that are not your own! Insecurities inherited by use of force!

Continue to find your own path and don’t let anyone including yourself sway you from it!

Observe the world and feast yourself in all it’s splendid little secrets! Secrets meant for only you to discover and enjoy! For those that you can trust are rare and few!

Cherish those that stand by you they thick and thin! Who know you sometimes better than you know yourself and are willing to stick by you in your darkest moments because you will find that those are hard to find!

There are many warnings and much guides to show you but you must love thru them on your own to reach your true potential!


CFL 2014


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