Walk with Grief

Grief and I had a walk down memory lane today…

We talked about our first encounter

and how he shattered my world.

Fresh tears fell for those moments long gone.

I reminded grief

how a faint smell, a song, a food, a dream

can all take me back to a moment,

a moment when he wasn’t there.

Grief laughed at me

and said he knew me long before any of my memories;

He had walked my path

and knew what would be,

so he tried to make it easy for me.

He allowed me anger and denial

so that I can reach a moment of peace,

Peace with the simple memories.

I laughed and parted ways with him

as he softly whispered “you can never get rid of me,

I am only a few memories away!”


One thought on “Walk with Grief

  1. Christina Cruz says:

    Ain’t it funny how grief can do that to you? Just when you think it might be gone, it sneaks up on you with a vengence. I like this post because this definitely happens to me ever so often.

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