Ramblings of the day

I Feel like the weather sometimes …
Ever had a day that seems so bright and sunny and your like damn i am going out
And right when you are having the best of times…the sky turns pitch black and water just pours to the point that your soaking wet and can’t see what’s right in front of you and you run to get home and right when you walk in your front door the sky changes and the sun comes out again like nothing ever happened?
Yeah that’s me!
Maybe I’m too sensitive too damn emotional but then if I don’t care I am too cold and unattached!
Sometimes I am a rollercoaster of emotions that sway me left and right…
And I might be able to try and justify it with a lame ass comment like “it’s the time of the month”
But if you know me you that for 7 days …the pre the during and the aftermath are hell…and people should be warned to stay clear!
I want to chew your head of one second and the next I want you to hug me!
Influx of emotions that not hidden in any form or fashion!
How do you explain that to people without sounding like you have a few screws loose in your Cabeza?
Ahh maybe I am a little overly sensitive and a bit moody at times!
But I am pitbull for mine!
Always protect and defend those that I care…that never changes no matter what side of the coin I seem to be facing.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings of the day

  1. Christina Cruz says:

    I love the ‘few screws in your cabeza’ line…those that know you, know you are always the momma bear…lol.

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