Midnight Ramblings-Faith

Faith, such a simple word
But so controversial
So many “faiths” so many “beliefs”
When all it simply means is
believing in something you can’t see, something you can’t touch but something you can feel deep inside of you,
believing in something that changes you moves you
Sometimes hard to explain to anybody because it’s so you that you can’t find mere words to describe it
Faith is a simple 5 letter word
Filled with complete trust and understanding
Believing in something that can never happen or never be
Believing in the impossible
Truly embracing that thoughts become actions and that then become reality
Always believing in a higher being something other than yourself

One thought on “Midnight Ramblings-Faith

  1. Christina Cruz says:

    That’s why faith and hope fit perfectly together. Faith keeps believing even though all your wants are too far away to grasp. A simple five letter word with a lot of power.

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