So in the past year I have crossed 5 things off my bucket list and I loved each and every one of them!

And looking at my list I realize that it consists of a lot of travelling and of course sports!! It wouldn’t be me otherwise!

I think it’s about that time to check and double check my bucket list and see where this upcoming year takes me!


1-Travelled to Jamaica for the first and definitely not the last (and loved every single second of it)

2-Road Trip to Lambeau Field (Football mecca )

3-Went to a Packers game (and of course we won and partied with my Fellow Cheeseheads)

4-Road trip to Boston for a Red Sox game at Fenway Park (I AM A YANKEE FAN BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY I AM A BASEBALL FAN!)

5-Travelled to Puerto Rico


Hmmmm where will this year take me?!

I ask and work for many more firsts…in every which way possible!

Time to make my bucket list!!!

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