Random thoughts- Expectations

Expectations lead to heartache and pain
Believing things are “supposed to be” a certain way as well
Becoming “use to” things or people can lead to such misunderstandings
I am guilty of following unhealthy patterns that I knowingly followed praying and believing that this time just maybe this time it would work and yeah each time I fell a little deeper in my delusions only to find the same outcome.
But you become so use to the abuse and the pattern that you defend it you accept you even embrace.
You become immune and blind to the fact that things are not right that this is not suppose to happen.
Your holding on to dear life for the expectation of what you have in your head and time and time again it hurts just a little deeper but since you already know how it feels, here you go again!
I decided a while back that I was going to break my patterns and identify them the minute I saw them because the reality is the hardest part, the actual accepting that “here we go again” moment.
Breaking patterns that have been embedded in me from the moment I have had sense of reason because it because it became normal!
The hardest part is the expectations of yourself…the low and highs!
Embracing erroneous standards that you hold yourself up to, placing barriers where there shouldn’t be none, putting others in pedestals before yourself!
I mentally chained myself to “standards” “expectations” “should be” when I allowed others to dictate what my life was and how it should be,
I am human I make mistakes but my biggest mistake was placing power in others to tell me how to run mine how to love mine how to make mine!
Because ITS MINE!
I say what’s right and wrong for me because I KNOW what’s right and wrong FOR ME!

One thought on “Random thoughts- Expectations

  1. Christina Cruz says:

    It’s all about taking control, you control your life, not others. You decide what’s right and wrong. You can control your destiny by noticing the similiar patterns and avoiding them. You got this, show them who’s boss!

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