I wish I could convince you,
Convince you once and for all…
I am yours!
Make you believe the vision of you and me,
Erase all your fears,
Shine light in all those dark corners,
But my words won’t change you…
They are not suppose to!
I can only be me
Stand behind …yes behind…
I don’t need the glory,
I don’t need the spotlight,
That’s all yours
But I will be hiding in the shadows
Supporting you
Caring for you
Applauding your every success
Wiping away any tears
Because You fill me with joy and strength
And all I have to do is give it back to you
Be your strength when you need it
Be your joy when you can’t see it
But I can’t convince you
I can only open my heart
And accept what destiny has to give
And just be me!

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