Fairytale Love

I believe in fairytale love
With all it’s twists and turns
All the obstacles
But a love so strong that can surpass them all
To yearn for someone above anyone else
To fight for each other
To support each other
Storybook love
Filled with butterflies
Filled with crooning birds
I believe that love can take it all
Can fight it all
Can give you hope when you have nothing else
Give u strength where there seems to be none
I am not naive to know that the fairytale love doesn’t just happen
And when it does happen it’s a once in a lifetime type of story
That authors capture in ink for the world to read
For time to cherish!
Loving someone is easy
Making it work thru all that life throws our way is the hardest
Believing that thru it all the magic is worth it
Wake up every morning grateful for the smile that person brings with just a simple thought that travels thru the distance
I believe In believe in one person
Opening your heart to that one person who you think you meet by chance but changes your life forever
Call me traditional
Call me old fashioned
I believe in standing by your partner
Be their fighter and their confidante
Truly be their other half
Balance each other out
Because I believe in the fairy tale love stories!

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