When I was a little girl I had all sorts of diaries where my every thought process would be on paper
I would make sense of all my feelings my emotions my actions on paper
I don’t know why I stopped or how I did when my room was filled with them
I couldn’t go anywhere without a notebook with me
I wouldn’t let anyone know my thoughts my feelings
Because they were mine and my little notebooks
And today I sit here and wonder why did I ever stop?
Why did I begin to trust people around me?
Why share what was meant for me myself and I?
People use what they know to hurt you.
Sometimes I wonder why I have this innate desire to help people,
This inexplicable desire to save the world
But I always end up giving too much
I always end up caring to much
I always end up hurt
Because as much as I can understand the world around me,
No one understands me
And maybe that’s my doing
And maybe it’s not
But I wonder why I stopped writing?


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