Dreams and Memories

I toss and turn with memories of what use to be
Episodes captured in dreams
A happiness that only exists in those brief moments
For the morning comes
And a mask comes on
And the worries of the world fade away
Longing for those moments captured in memory
Trapped in the thin membrane in your head
Relive every second
Savor every flavor
Touch every inch
But when the eyelids part
It’s back to a reality that I don’t want to be in
A black and white film that I am trapped in
That I only escape when my head hits the pillow
Reminisce every single second
Let me live in my memories where everything shines so bright
With my eyes closed and my troubles so light
For it seems these moments I try to capture don’t compare to those dreamt at night


One thought on “Dreams and Memories

  1. Christina Cruz says:

    That’s why we all love to dream, it’s an escape from reality, anything can happen in your dreams.

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