Book of mine

This book of mine
Needs to make up it’s mind
It jumps from genre to genre
Sometimes confusing me along the way
It jumps from drama to action to erotica
All in the first few chapters
Constant changing it’s course
You have no idea who your heroes are
Or even if there is any
At times you truly hate the protagonist
But come to love her all over again
Constantly redeeming herself

Oh this book of mine
Is not a best seller
It’s not even sold in major bookstores
It’s one of those books you just stumble upon
It seems to have no value
Until you immerse yourself in it’s pages
And suddenly find yourself stunned with emotions
Sadness anger joy victory all captured in mere words

But this book of mine
Is constantly contradictory
The foes are friends and the friends are family
Magic is sprinkled all over it’s pages
Moving along without anyone even knowing
Breaking thru barriers of themes and climax
It’s an ever changing roller coaster ride

Oh book of mine
Please make up your mind
Or maybe let me help you fill some of your empty pages and guide you to the end

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