Can u?

U say that’s it unconditional
But its always been conditional to ur rules and ur moods
U say it’s everlasting
But u constantly put constraints
U say u will always be there
But when I need u most ur nowhere

And it’s not that I need u to care
It’s more that I want u to care
Ur lessons, ur words, ur thoughts
Have shaped me
Whether I agree or not
But I am who I am today because of u

U constantly see my flaws
Can u see my strengths?
U constantly see my anger
Can u see my happy?
U judge my ways
Can u congratulate my persistence?
I shame ur name with my mouth
Can u see how I defend and fight for u?

Can u appease the little girl in me that all she needs is a hug?
Can u soothe the teenager in me that needs an “I love you” every now and then?
Can you guide the young adult in me that needs some tough love?
Can you respect the adult I have become?

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