Midnight Ramblings-truth and honesty

I pride myself in truth and honesty!
I rather stay quiet then to lie…
sometimes I tell the truth in such a way that people take it as I am joking but I am far from it.
Being honest with others is not hard, it comes naturally!
Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to because I have no problem answering!
The hardest person to honest to is yourself! Allow yourself to truly feel what you don’t want to feel or what ur avoiding! Opening up your eyes to the realities that surround you!
Being honest with yourself is sometimes having to torture yourself into seeing things you don’t want to see into listening to things you just don’t want to!
It’s hard to be honest with yourself when your rebellious nature makes you determined to believe what you want to believe, when that streak in you says no you got this!
Because that grasp in honest makes you believe in forces other than yourself! Makes you believe in all the good the world has to offer!
Because the truth is I am not as dark and sinister as I have convinced some,
I seek truth
I believe people change, not that I change them but that people can change if they choose to and there is always a choice.
I believe you can truly be anything you choose to be because we were made in a perfect image!
I believe that we create the world around us!
But we must be true and honest with others and ourselves in order to make our world exactly as we want it!

One thought on “Midnight Ramblings-truth and honesty

  1. Christina Cruz says:

    That is so true, it is very hard to be honest with yourself…too often people delude themselves or don’t want to accept the reality that surronds them…

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