Let time be the judge of us!

I am not perfect but I’ll be true
I will hold you when it all seems to crumble
I will make you proud with the choices I make
I don’t need money and gifts
I need your support and your care
I will move mountains to help your dreams come true
Because I know you are there
Helping me believe in mine

I know we have been here before
Promises filled with bubble gum dreams
I don’t know what tomorrow brings
Or what life may throw our way
But I do know that I choose you
That I stand by you
That I wait for you
That I want to see what this road with you feels like

That saying I like you has nothing to do with your beautiful smile and soft skin,
It has more to do with the love, drive and passion behind your every move
Your soft nature hidden behind a tough demeanor
Your warmth and protection
Your brain, your ability to reason and plan, your words and your thoughts
It all makes me feel like a giddy school girl!

Sometimes I let my temper speak for my insecurities
Sometimes I let my fears act for my pain
For these I apologize in advance
But I don’t apologize
For always being loyal
For always being true
For always being honest

Let time be the judge of us!

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