Expectations can destroy everything around us
Expectations that we place on ourselves and on others
Expectations for our lives and our careers
Expectations on those that surround us
Expectations are ideals build on measure of others
Expectations are limitations created for security
But all expectations do is create disappointment
Disappointment when you don’t reach a level in your life that you expected to
Disappointment when someone you expect to be there is not there
Disappointment when your career takes a complete different then you ever expected
Disappointment when life doesn’t pan out the way you expected

I cry and hurt when I expect things to happen in a certain way or expect certain people to be a certain way or act a certain way
I try my best not to live by expectations, limitations or boundaries
I try my best to make my goals actual goals and not expectations, allowing the room to change and grow as I change and grow as those around me change and grow
Life has a way of bending and twisting us to it’s mercy and living by expectations can break us can make us prisoners of everyone else’s expectations
I choose to be free


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