Midnight Ramblings- Temper

My flaw my vice will forever be my temper. I have a very bad temper. I have been working on the two main aspects of my temper for most of my life. And for the first time in what seems like forever I have managed to control one of these.
My mouth vs. My hands! Constantly had a feast whenever I would loose my temper. Plenty of times I had forewarned people (leave me alone, stop talking, don’t touch me) but some people learn the hard way.
Recently I learned that what I had been working on for soooooo long finally paid off finally I saw results.
My mouth is not as bad as it use to be and I am have some slight sense of control. But my hands! I have gained victory!!!!! A battle won! Not a battle a war! Growing up when I completely lost my temper, anyone knew because I would destroy anything I got my hands on. I would rip I would tear I would break I would bit I would punch I would kick I would make you feel whatever pain or anger I was feeling at the time.
And I must say that the power of prayer is a great and amazing thing.
I have been at breaking points recently and I have not in any form or fashion destroyed anything touched anything …I have barely spoken directly to the source.
Moments of prayer and meditation have provided me with control over my emotions. And allowed me to reach a point where I can decide which way to go or what to do without my temper and anger dictating for me.
That flare will always be there it’s a part of me! It’s the part of me that allowed me to survive when I had nothing else. But I am not there anymore, I don’t need to keep fighting and guarding and protecting. Things have shifted.
So a toast to my beautiful flaw that stays inside my head while I close my eyes and pray.

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