Ramblings-Self Reflection

Sometimes it takes criticism from others to stop and evaluate yourself!
Let’s begin with not ALL criticism is constructive criticism and we must take into consideration who it’s coming from. But every once in a blue, advise/criticism (whatever you would like to call it) comes from an unexplained source. It leads to self reflection and growth!
Necessary growth to develop into the you that you are suppose to be!
You learn that what is “normal” for you or what you think presents in one way actually presents to the world in another. For example, some folks may think they are being funny when what is being portrayed is them being rude and obnoxious. Some folks appear aloof when in reality they are rolling with the punches you may say.
You also learn that you will never please the world that someone will always have something to say but when those in your inner circle are affected negatively, it’s a moment of self reflection.
It’s the time when that lovely popular “people don’t change” becomes a lie a huge lie because you realize the changes that you must make and accept that it’s a matter of trying your best to be that person that you know you need to be!
“To err is human” that’s the reality! And sometimes it takes for us to be called out on our bullshit before we realize that maybe just maybe things are not working out for us.
We must take a conscience step towards the person we know we can be not just the person we are! Be ambitious with ourselves! Yes yes we are all tired of hearing “think positive” bla bla but it’s not a matter of thinking positive is a matter of knowing who we want to be and acknowledging the steps we must take to get! It takes strength to accept that it’s not an easy route that it’s not going to happen over night but dedication and hard work go a long way.
And when we finally see that change within us, we can be proud of ourselves and know that it was worth it!


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