It Takes A Village

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a lot of tragedies involving children. It’s sad and it’s scary!
What is going on?
We all have a part in shaping the youth. Leading by example. Teaching right from wrong. Cultivating morals and values. Society as a whole as parents, educators, care givers, protectors, advocates.
It’s scary to think what kind of future we are creating by ignoring the patterns of violence and ignorance that seem to flood us.
We have to all take responsibility in the outcome of it all by not speaking out against injustice, by not standing up for children that have no one to advocate for them, by not taking the time in teaching life long lessons to our youth.
Problem solving skills should be encouraged as opposed to stabbing and shooting. Adults should listen more to what children are saying, be involved in their activities.
As adult I know appreciate my mothers strict ways of always being “nosey” as I would call her. She knew my every move even when I thought I was being slick and getting away with things. She had me on a tight leash and I can now appreciate it and be grateful because God knows where my sisters and I would have been and what we would have done.
Children are to be molded and taught not by an iron fist or by holding them loosely but by example, tender loving care, time and involvement.


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