I promise!

I promise to be different!

I promise to be me!

I promise not to let anyone direct my movie!

I promise to love unconditionally and insanely!

I promise to be true to those that always have my best interest at heart to those that love me unconditionally to those that I cherish!

I promise to care for myself because my body is my temple and nobody can take care of me the way I take care of me!

I promise to always be honest especially with myself!

I promise to not let hurt and pain change me!

I promise to seek knowledge every chance I get!

I promise to live, to treasure every moment as if they were my last as if tomorrow never existed!

I promise to fulfill those desires that continuously motivate me!

I promise to show my feelings, not emotions, to let people know I care even when they could care less!

I promise to stand firm against adversity!

I promise to remain loyal to my beliefs and my standards!

I promise to create a story that those to come would be proud of!

But must importantly if I break any of these promises, I promise to keep trying time and time again!

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