Midnight Rambling- Adapting

The human brain is amazing!
You learn to adapt to situations to environments
You learn to survive
Sometimes you don’t even realize that you have adapted that you have changed
That walls exist where there weren’t ones before
That what use to matter doesn’t matter anymore
That in order to push thru and make it something’s must be left behind
You look back to memories and thoughts of way back when and realize how strange they seem today,
Things you would have never done
Things you would have never said.
You realize that people do change contrary to popular beliefs!
People grow or adapt or camouflage into those people they need to be to move on to live to survive.
Because the truth is that it’s a constant struggle, a struggle with self a struggle with the environment a struggle with people and sometimes in order to be right with all three we have step back from all the bs and just let it all be.
Because ideals, expectations, right and wrong are a heavy load to carry on ones shoulders.
The brain has a way of blocking trauma in order to allow us all to move forward …to adapt but at the moment least expected, something anything triggers back to a memory long forgotten that allows us to see how far we have come sometimes in good ways sometimes in bad. The results of change can be either. Adapting changing surviving must be done to better ourselves to grow!

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