Late Night Ramblings-settling

What does it mean to settle?
Some say it means to appease to accept to come to rest
I think it’s being cowardly!
Settling means giving up on what you believe what you desire
Settling means put all others before yourself
And while it’s admirable it’s also cowardly
Because being miserable and disgruntled is not living
I rather compromise than settle
Find a middle ground that works for everyone including myself
People constantly settle with jobs, education, self reflection, relationships
In order to make someone else happy, one must be happy with oneself
Of course we have our moments of regret and self pity and questioning but they are moments,
Moments that fade away
Because one must rise above and be the best that you can possibly be all around
Settling doesn’t allow you to grow as an individual and doesn’t allow you to see the true potential of your persona of what you have to offer
It’s not a matter of being perfect or being what everybody else wants you to be
If pleasing the world would be our roles, crazy is what we would all be constantly changing and contradicting ourselves
Compromising our dreams our reality and pushing forward each and every day, that’s where I will settle

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