Wall built so high
High as a tower gracing the clouds
Tower with carved stones

trust, loyalty,love, friendship, weakness, strength

Words that marked each stone
And not once repeated
Almost like poetry on simple scratches

Guilt, pressure, innocence, pain, greed, rage

Mere letters that designed this wall
Built with every curve and every angle
Enriched with the meaning of each stone

Pleasure, fear, happy, delusion, confusion, resistance

And up and up the wall continues to go
People surround the walls as it continues to climb
Climb so high it almost touches the skies

Dream, doubt, force, care, pity, sadness

Iagos that stare in amazement
Corrupting the view
Tainting the moment with their poisonous thoughts

Shame, lonely, full, ecstatic, powerful, hopeful

Circular wall built with no entrance
Up above the world so high
Away from the bickering words and scolding eyes

Amusing, jolly, lonely, free, sinful, pure

A magical wall that many misunderstood
But felt the need to criticize, to devour, to destroy
scratching, marking, chipping, denting
But the wall does not come down,
It may never come down


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