Random Thoughts of me

I’m the type to prove you wrong
Change your mind about all those crazy beliefs you have created
I’m not like anyone you have ever met or ever will meet!
I believe in the value of friendship and all it entails
I believe in being there for people you care about
I believe in actions because words fade
I am a cycle of emotions because I feel my emotions
I have learned that hiding they way you feel about things be it good or bad becomes heavy on the soul!
I speak my mind I have opinions maybe too many at times
But no one can ever say I am fake
I don’t need anyone…ANYONE!
If you are in my life I choose for you to be there!
Sometimes I forget the strength of my own will because just when I think I am done, something in me pushes me to be better than I was better!
I am human I make a million mistakes a day and as hard as it may be I can admit my wrongs and try to right them the best I can!
I rather be home reading a book then running the streets looking for trouble!
I rather get together with friends and bullshit then go club hopping!
Stages of life change!
I like being alone sometimes to clear my mind and get my thoughts and plans together
Yet sometimes I like being around people I care about because they help me reenergize!
I am tired of being compared to everyone else because I am not everyone else I AM ME!
I am true to whatever I believe in whatever I care about
I am loyal to a fault!
I become a wounded caged tiger when hurt, I lash out and push everyone away! Because when I care, it’s not a half ass gesture or feeling!
I am either all in or all out!
Relationships of all types are sacred to me!
And because we are human (some more than others) some actions and words hurt.
I have no problem cutting people completely out of my life, if the pain and hurt is just too much!
Because at the end of the day no one protects me better than me!
But I can guarantee you that while you try, try!
I will always put my best foot forward and those moment I don’t, I will be the first to admit it!
I will care as much as I can even when I say I don’t, because sometimes its easier to pretend you don’t.
I can guarantee I will always be a friend even when you are not!

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