Underestimate Me!

Been sitting in a corner for a while
Watching people passing by
Listening to a lot of bla bla bla
It’s about that time

Gave y’all enough room
To make up ideas to make up lies
Underestimating the ram in me

Let the shadows overpower me
Strapping me to the far end of the room
Silencing the voice that hid deep inside of me

Been hiding for a while
Playing the meek and shy
Neutered from drive from daring

Defiant to my true nature
Playing the role of bland vanilla
Knowing damn well a Rocky road

Fiery nature subdued by the yippy yap
Capture by your minus signs
Vultures feeding on my scars and wounds

Conquering the dreams that I know are mine
Strengthening the ground I step on
Spreading the wings that you have tried to clip in every which way

Been playing defense for far too long
Stepping up and stepping out
Singing my lullabies from way up high
Veins racing with power cusps
Paving ways of passion
Leaving y’all winded

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