No one like me!

I am not a secret
To be kept between 4 walls
I am not a fantasy
To be shared in the wee of the night

I don’t need protecting
I don’t no one to provide for me

I need a friend
That will care for me
I need a partner
That will be proud to call me his own

Then again I don’t need a thing
I don’t need to prove myself
To anyone but me

Life may have rolled me a few punches
That have sharpened my edges
Put pressure to make me more than a mere rock
I have learned many lessons
Cried many tears
And it’s about that time
Where the dust settles
And I see the precious diamond
I was meant to be

So the only need I have
Is for you to value me
Because believe me
There is no other like me

2 thoughts on “No one like me!

  1. Dee says:

    Goosebumps!!!! Time heals all wounds and destiny is no mistake. Today’s experiences Mark tomorrow’s results! Let God! He knows best! Keep being you and all will turn out accordingly! Patience is virtue! Trust your heart for it never fails. U are a diamond that’s for sure!!!! Shine, shine, shine! Love u

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