I love you!

Maybe I am a little jaded but I have a huge pet peeve …people that say I love you like it’s nothing!
Some people say I love you so lightly like it doesn’t mean anything.
And yes there are two types of love: one in which you can have love for someone and say I love you or two when your in love with someone and guess what you say I love you as well.
But recently it’s become a fad a trend where everyone loves each other where the word love has no meaning holds no weight. People forget the implications of what loving someone means what it entails. Some people say I love you in order to get things from other people.

Call me jaded but I rarely say I love you! There are a rare and few that have ever heard I love you from me because for me to say it I have to mean it.

Words hold weight and the word love holds the most weight. It can change everything in someone’s life, it can give purpose and meaning. But if the word has no value it can destroy and again change someone’s life.

It’s true we don’t decide who we love and why we love them, it just happens.
And when you do sharing with the one you love that you love them is wonderful but it’s even more wonderful if it’s reciprocated.
Some people are in love with the idea of love and throw the word love around so carelessly.
I believe that once you love someone you always love them no matter the hurt and the pain. On the contrary because there was once this immense love all that is left is room for the hurt and pain. I believe love changes, hence the reason why the love keeps on.
Love varies. There is a love for family and a love for friend. Then there is this ever consuming love for another human being that fills your every fiber your very being where you give yourself unconditionally and free. You give yourself innocently once and if your lucky that’s enough but for most of us with that innocence with that blind faith comes heartache and you learn that love is more than just a word that you throw around, it’s more than 4 letters.
The speaking of love, the acting of loving someone is something that is passionate contradiction because your a prisoner to it but are free to with it as you wish but with those choices you must keep in mind the person that you love that when you acknowledged you loved them you were to show them love.
It drives me crazy when people use the phrase I love you so carelessly and so freely! Then again maybe I am a little scarred and hold my love close to my chest because my love is mine and mine alone to give!


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