My 3!

Young eyes and that window sill
Where all the kids played outside and I sat here
Where the world passed by and I sat here
I saw the time pass by
And my neighbors change
Saw the world change around me
But I just sat here
I wasn’t allowed to go outside
For fear of corruption and destruction
My mom always said you are who you spend time with
But the thing was I didn’t spend time with nobody
So who was I suppose to be
The mixture of the calypso and merengue sounds I heard thru my window sill?
The juncture of black and white that passed in front of my window sill?
The words of my many books that let me escape to an outside world I wasn’t allowed to visit?
I learned the words and learned the moves
Because I had no one else but me
But that window sill always called me
And in the middle of the night
At the first star that I would see
I would beg and plead for someone to play with me and He gave me three


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