I don’t believe in religion
I did not say I don’t believe in God and his Holy word
What I said was I don’t believe in religion, man made groups designed to segregate those around them.
Quick to point the finger of what is right and wrong
I thought we are all taught that only God can judge us.
So who are you to tell me how bad I am or how my actions condemned to eternal damnation?
Who are you to harass me and bait me for your own pleasure?
Have you taken the time to read the Word that you claim you live by?
Before looking at me and judging me or making ideologies of what I should,
How about you take a second and review your life and everything in it…your faults and your sins.
If you did that, you wouldn’t have time to so much as breathe in my directions.
So many religions out here and blind fools following…
I believe in a higher being and attempt to be the best human being that I can be, I pray to right as many of my wrongs because I know I am not perfect and I was born a sinner.
Do on to others as you would like done to you…this rule comes in many variations depending on the “religion” that in which you follow but it’s a universal rule for all.
So many are quick to forget this when making assumptions in the name of God, when cursing you in the name of religion, when ostracizing you in means of changing you.
I don’t follow rules of men, I don’t follow rules of religion!
I am a spiritual being as are we all and pride myself in an open communication with Him each and everyday!
It’s not something which I need to flaunt to others it’s a relationship that is mine that is private.
It’s tiring that unless your living a public display of adoration then to some your saluting and glorifying erroneous teachings.
Some people don’t even understand the words they speak, don’t know the origins and meanings of the things they say.
I pray for light and clarity for all those that believe themselves to be of a higher spiritual realm then others not realizing that we all have demons in our closets that we all have our own crosses to carry that in a world so full of meaning many things are figurative!
I pray for forgiveness for all the stupidity and ignorance that spits out of your mouths in the name of God or Allah or any and all higher beings!
I pray for peace for those that are being castigated and feel prejudiced because they don’t follow the norm of what some call religion and in most parts are teachings of men!


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