Time changes things

Time changes things
There was once a me
That was a daredevil
That would leap in a heartbeat
Without a thought or care
Driven to make things happen
Jump into projects
Open to all
Because somewhere there was a source of innocence
That believed that all would work itself out
That no matter how dark it seemed
Or how deep the hole
There was nothing I couldn’t do
Trusted and believed those that stood by me
Because my love was pure I expected the same
There was a place of all or nothing
No matter the consequence

But time changes things
It’s a constant double guessing
Your own shadow you question
Questioning the ability to judge characters and decisions
So separation is key
Because I am not the same that I use to be
The innocence is gone
The daredevil is gone
So here stands this driven women with desires to leap to run to jump
But the shackles of the past hinder me
Past failures past falls past cuts and bruises
One never truly heals
I just learned how to crawl til I walked again
I learned how to smile with tears running down my face
I learned that all that stand by me
Don’t want me to shine
So I keep them close
Because they remind me
Of all the times I have given and given some more
Because I don’t stand empty handed
And it’s taken some time
But the fear is now gone
I can’t call myself fearless
Yet there is no fear of the unknown
Because I have been there
I have scraped the bottom of the barrel

Time changes things
How nice it would be to talk to little old me
Forewarn of all the things to come

Time changes things
With laughter and tears
I still stand here
A little more cautious
A little less rebellious
But open to those that are true
True inspirations
True motivations
True characters
And everyday as I continue to stumble and pick myself up
I see traces of the old me
Me being me
Free and daring!


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