I am yours!

I am yours
I’ve been yours for a while now
It took time for me to realize that this is true
Been hiding behind thick walls
Been afraid to show you I care
Been so used to playing with fools
That it’s taken some time for me to accept the caliber of man that stands before me
A man I can respect
A man that I can be proud of
A man that is dedicated and ambitious
A man that challenges me
A man that I give the reigns to
So I am saying it now
I am yours
I may play the tough role
But I am yours
I may act distant
But I am yours

When one gets used to the pain
It takes time to acknowledge the sweet sensation
When one is used to tears
It takes patience to notice the laughters and smiles

I am not perfect far from it
But I will try to be all you deserve me to be
Because I am yours!
And I apologize for all the fighting that was my own to simply accept that
I am yours!


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