Power of Action

I wish words had power,
Not just power to move you and make you think,
Power to actions!
It saddens me that living in 2014 we still have to experience the abuse, the threat, the fear, the disgust, the disbelief that the struggle continues of the have and have nots…no I did not say race!
Because this is not about race, this is about the abuse of power that some have and other do not!
Being of a different color shouldn’t make anyone a have not but to some it does!
Some believe because they carry a badge and gun they can do and say as they please without ever having to justify why they do what they do because their brothers in arm will have their back.
But who has the backs of those that they swore to serve and protect?!!
I am not saying all law enforcement agents have these beliefs or that they abuse their power but the same way us colored folks us brown folks us red folks (yeah you Latinos fall under this category no matter how light skin you are!!!) are stereotyped daily so are the men and women in crispy blues with a badge and a gun!
It saddens me that a country that calls itself the melting pot, that was founded by all sorts of people …people with all sorts of backgrounds …people…just people….can today be criticized and ridiculed by the actions of the institution set in place to serve and protect it’s people!!!
All people no matter what race no matter what status no matter what conditions are to be represented and protected!
Isn’t that why we have officials in office that are supposedly put in place by the people?
Has the USA not called itself a democratic country? A country for it’s people?
I wish there were power to actions!
Not violence but actions that would make a great impact where the “haves” notice that they wouldn’t “have” anything if it weren’t for the “have nots.”

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