I have been a slave to fear
Over the last few years
Slave to these negative thoughts
That’s consumed me
Every step was calculated by the voices in my head
Insecurities that resounded in every move
I couldn’t identify them because fear was unknown to me some time ago
I didn’t believe it
I didn’t speak it
I didn’t need it
There is something about this fear thing
It creeps in when you least expect it
It plants seeds when you’re not looking
And the minute you sway,
Oh there goes fear!
And it grew and it planted roots and it clawed it’s way to my heart!
Second guessing myself and my abilities,
Question my love and my forgiveness,
Doubting my sanity!
But today oh dear fear of mine, you have been uprooted and thrown away!
There is no room for you and I to live in the same space,
Because I make things happen
Because I build things
Because I carry my head held high no matter how scary it can get!
Checkpoints in my life created by dedication and work …not fear!
Thank you for all you have taught me and most importantly that I don’t need you!
I am a slave no more!

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