Found myself!

I find myself in the drums played by my ancestors in virgin lands of sand and sun so long ago

I find myself in smiles of children all over the world

I find myself in hieroglyphics found in the caves of seas somewhere in the east

I find myself in rice valleys worked by peasants and thieves

I find myself in laws of bureaucrats spread in all directions like feathers in the wind

I find myself in structures and buildings made of blood, sweat and tears with fingerprints of pain

I find myself in words written in the air and in papyrus leaves

I am a force to be reckoned with because I am…
I have travelled in the world with my eyes closed
I have learned lessons from my ancestors and from strangers within
I have danced and sung with beasts of all natures
I have talked the talk and walked the walk with pain in my back and tears on my face
I have freed myself from invisible shackles created by imprisoned men
I have embraced the layers of human that can be
I have painted my soul in all colors shades and creeds
Because I am…everything that I have found in memories and pages written in sprinkles of spirit
Just because I found myself!

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