These are the people!!! 

I love people that persevere through the roughest.

People that grow when everything says no! 

People with tenacity and determination that will never allow anything to stop them from achieving their dreams rather their reality! 

People that take a break to cry and scream and then use that as motivation to move forward! 

People with courage to speak their mind and tread new paths! 

People that revolutionize ideas and methods! 

People that are called crazy when they begin and legends when they end! 

Trailblazers in their life passage! 

These are the people I love and respect! 



Clock keeps ticking
The days keep rolling
And suddenly for one instant
Rewind is in full effect
The tears are rolling
The heart is aching
The soul is hurting
With shadows of yesterday
Everyone is moving forward
But your stuck in this in between
And not because you wish to be there
More like you ran from it for so long
Like a nightmare it haunts you
It haunts your happy moments
Haunts your laughter
And suddenly your back
And no one notices
That for a second you panicked
For a second your memories were reality
And you push forward to what may be
To all those things you thought could never be