What do you hear when you hear the word enough? 

Some may say it may be what puts an end to something

Some may use it in quantitative  form 

To me enough should be the title of the novela that my life has been 

Growing up I questioned being enough for my parents 

In school the question of being smart enough and good enough and cool enough and weird enough always came up 

At work is if the work is enough, if you do enough, if you work hard enough, do I know enough 

It’s always a question of enough

Enough what? 

I am not a people pleaser so it was never about pleasing the masses and being enough for the world 

But it has always been a matter in those things that I do want to excel in or in those people that I truly care about 

To live up to the goals and challenges 

But it’s always a question of enough? 

Because whether it’s society or the workplace whether it’s a friend or a lover there is always an expectation set

A question of enough? 

Are you doing enough? 

Are working enough? 

Are eating enough? 

Are sleeping enough? 

Are you enough? 

Enough of the mediocre shit that sits in your mind set by everyone else including yourself 

Where your every step is scrutinized and criticized 

Enough my ass! 


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