Late night Ramblings 

Contemplating how quickly things change 

How time is not our friend 

How just yesterday things were different 

I was different 

Today I reflect on my past 358 days 

The person I was at this same very moment last year versus the person I am today 

I contemplate on the me I have become over the past 5 years 

A reflection in the mirror I don’t recognize 

A me so long gone 

A mere memory 

Lost the light in my eyes a long time ago 

I remember being so light and free 

I remember believing in so many fairy tale dreams 

I remember pushing for the unknown tomorrow’s with ideals and fantasies 

But life had a way of darkening the edges, of cutting my wings.

There was so much I wanted 

There was so much ambition 

Today seems like a constant struggle to not sit here and contemplate 

On all those decisions 

Those that I should have made 

Those that I shouldn’t have 

People I allowed in my life

People I let go 

The colors of today so diluted 

Not sure what’s black or white anymore 

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