When it all falls apart! 

It’s always something 

What else is going to happen 

It can’t get any worse 

Phrases that we use when things are going bad 

When we are focusing on all the negatives and we force more negatives upon us 

But what happens 

When it all seems great 

When things all seem to be falling into place 

And suddenly the rug gets pulled from under you 

When you didn’t call on any negative forces? 

When you were celebrating your joys? 

When you were grateful for all your blessings? 

And suddenly your blessings one by one crumble apart? 

Your joys one by one make you want to cry? 

When all the positive thinking in the world can’t stop the pain and the hurt? 

When words don’t have meanings and sounds don’t have rhythm? 

And the negative thoughts flood you all at once 

And you don’t want to talk to anyone because no one can fix it no one can make it go away 

Because talking is useless 

Because thinking is mundane! 

What happens to a mended heart when it’s broken? 


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