Late Night Thoughts 

Don’t know why I keep thinking so much 

Worrying about things I can’t control 

Scared to death of the emotions deep inside 

Because I’m so used to being hurt and left behind 

Great at hiding the dark parts of my soul with exaggerated laughters and dramatic angers 

Assuring no one sees the tears full of insecurities 

Nods of emotions embedded so long ago that letting go is such a puzzle 

When feeling happy is weighed down with the nagging feeling of your past 

A past that sneaks it’s ugly claws in the moment you swear you have it all figured out 

Smooth edges hardened thru the years of pushing back of fighting back 

Never needing anything but the pages of my books taking me away from the reality in which I lived 

Busted my ass to move forward and up away from it all 

But buried in the moments of memories rooted in my soul are the never ending disappointments by those that claimed they loved me by a society that continuously wanted to weigh me down by a culture that trapped me and boxed me 

I think so much of things that should be buried 

But they rise from the dead when my heart hurts and my silent cries fill my bed reminding me that I should be used to them by now


Late night post- Material things 

This idea to continuously worry about material things …where did it come from? 

Because it leaves a void in our souls when that’s all we concern ourselves about. 

This constant venture for things that fade things that loose value 

But character and strength seem to be non existent.

Chasing paper that’s what they call it 

Chasing approval based on dollar signs 

Distracted by the constant crusade for more 

Instead of concentrating on more time for peace for love for growth for sanity 

When all the material things are gone , 

What will you have left? 

Are you made of fire and ice? 

Where the ruins of the world cannot destroy you? 

Where humbling yourself is not a disaster? 

Where new beginnings come with a breath of fresh air?