Dear Grandpa…

Words never spoken that play over and over

But time has taken you from me

Wishing to hear your voice one last time

Hoping to remember all words of wisdom you tried to instill in me

But no one knows that I miss me each and every day

No one knows the regrets the guilt

How I wished we had taken the trips we so often spoken of

How I wish I could have seen you one last time and just hold your hand

Time keeps going but it feels empty without you here with me

A piece of me gone to never be filled

And all you ever wished for me was a life of happiness full of laughter and music

So many memories that I hold dear

Always standing tall for us when everyone turned their backs on us

You were stern when I needed you to be and were my confidante when I needed you to be

My one true example of what a man is suppose to be

And like you said time and time again WE were your chance at making things right

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