A trail of memories I live behind 

Packed with laughter and tears 

I feel like a kid with no roots 

Constantly moving from here to there 

Constantly loosing this or that 

Constantly feeling like I am not enough 

I use to love change and endless possibilities but now I am full of fear afraid that this moment is it that this very moment will not exist again 

I don’t know how to feel

My life in boxes full of memories 


Friday night thoughts in bed 

The hardest part of relaxing is just that relaxing! 

After going at a thousand miles an hour all day, constantly making decisions and talking to about a hundred people 

After your brain keeps going of what to do next, how you are going to this,how you will fix that 

After constantly planning and multi tasking 

Relaxing seems so hard! 

Unwinding and just being seems so difficult 

Your brain wants to keep going keeping running on E but your body just doesn’t cooperate 

But I am not busy enough for some people 

My life is not hectic enough 

But my body tells me otherwise 

My story 

My life has been written in pages of books unknown Unknowingly I made bestsellers for others with my sweat and tears 

Page turners cliff hangers 

But I never make it past a few chapters in the books 

It’s time to stop the guest appearances in everyone’s else’s story 

No more pen names 

It’s my story to write it’s my story to tell 

From my perspective 

My point of view